Why Choose Jetwave?

We are where the Engineering Music Meets the Technical  Expertise

Our Industry Partners

Jetwave Wireless partners with all the major manufacturers in the production industry because we understand every clients needs are unique, and this is not a “one-size-fits-all” sort of business.

The Jetwave Team

Jim Dugan

Founder CEO

Josh Flower

Director of Live Events & Rentals

Nicole Bailey 

Director of Finance

Scott Schachter

Director of Sales

Nick Haring 


Dara Dugan 

Project Manager

Taylar VanNosdall


Marc Fleury 


Allison Gray

Shipping & Receiving 

Larisa Kirgan 

Inventory Controller & Accounting 

Andrew Guberman

Senior Engineer 

Liam Carolan


Mel Cubero


Kate Brown


Drew Dicamillo


Preston Wells


Sohrab Tasal


Arron Platt

Shop Technician 

Adam Kenter

Shop Technician 

Bob Blair

QC / Shop Technician 

Walid Esseddiq




Our Journey

 A word on our history from Jim Dugan, our founder:

“Over the past 25 years in the TV business my resume looks like this: I have lost power, my fiber went bad, battery died, someone stepped on my frequency, had to move the show inside, truck broke down, lost an axel, drove all night so we could setup for hurricane coverage, had to take down the tower, microwave link failed in the rain, ran over cables, guy didn’t show up because he relapsed, ordered the wrong cable, didn’t have the budget on this one, coordinator wouldn’t respond, changed the show ten minutes to air, amp is toast, transformer fried, power supply died, forgot the windscreens, got lost in shipping, needed an adapter, had the wrong fiber connectors, never used this piece of gear, they sent the wrong one, Ive taken hits, dropped out, mic didn’t tune to that channel and this is all the good stuff! I think it’s still probably a slightly easier gig than changing a broken piston in a half inch puddle of hydraulic oil in a garbage truck. This all could have gone a much different way.

But I love it, I love my work and I love my team. I made a decision that I was going to be perfectly imperfect and spend my life in the game, in the market place, doing whatever spiritual work needed to be done HERE. I love it- I see people I have known for twenty-five years. I like to think in some small way we are trying to make the world a better place and I am most grateful for the fact that I GET to do it in this industry. For some crazy reason wireless and RF adopted me and all my flaws. I was a musician & recording engineer who by defeat defected to TV. I’ve made many mistakes and learned to adjust, adapt, forgive, and keep moving! Thanks to my TV brothers and sisters, my hats off to you and I look forward to seeing you!”

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